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Aspasia Beneti

Aspasia Beneti

software developer

Aspasia Beneti is a software developer with a background in Artificial Intelligence. When Aspasia discovered the world of gaming, she realised that computers were going to be a part of her life.

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Aspasia has worked in a range of  big and small companies as a software developer, scrum master and product owner. She really enjoys sharing her knowledge on agile software development.

In recent years Clojure has stolen her heart! Aspasia loves thinking before typing and she embraces simplicity and abstraction. Secretly, she is still a fan of machine learning algorithms. Aspasia enjoys talking about the different programme languages and sharing her best-practices.

Currently based in Amsterdam Aspasia works on different projects. As a female working in the field of programming Aspasia has realised that it could be valuable to increase the level of diversity among people working in this specific field. Consequently, she developed a project to increase diversity within the world of programmers. she started the ClojureBridge in the Netherlands. ClojureBridge is an open workspace where everyone has the chance to contribute and to learn. To boost diversity Clojurebridge offers beginner-friendly Clojure programming workshops for underrepresented groups in tech.

Aspasia only gives keynotes in English.

    • Diversity within the world of Programming

    • Agile Management

    • Scrum Management

    • Artificial Intelligence

    • Managing Software products

    • Programming Languages

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