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Stéphane Mallard

Stéphane Mallard

The future of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is booming! As a digital evangelist speaker Stéphane Mallard has a clear message: Artificial Intelligence will disrupt everything. During his keynotes Stéphane takes his audience with him into to the future of Artificial Intelligence.

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The rise of artificial intelligence represents a disruptive force the likes of which mankind has never seen. Are we ready for it?

Artificial intelligence is developping very fast and it will change how we see the world and organise society. Being a digital evangelist Stéphane Mallard knows everything about digital disrupiton. In his first job as a digital evangelist, his role was to address the disruption from the digitization such as artificial intelligence and blockchain.

After studying economics in Canada and Political Science in Paris, speaker Stéphane Mallard decided to follow his passion. Already during his teenage years Stéphane was facinated by the digital world and was taught coding.  At current Stéphane works at Blu Age, a multiplatform legacy application modernization development tool.

Today, he speaks of the digital revolution and what it means for our society and individual lives. In his keynotes speaker Stéphane Mallard introduces the newest developments within the area of Artificial intelligence and informs his audience about the many opportunities digitalisation offers us.

Stéphane is traveling from France and gives keynotes in English. 

    ‘Digital is re-shaping the world and this is going very – very fast’

    Keynotes of speaker Stephané Mallard

    • The artificial intelligence: not a revolution, a disruption.
    • The marketing disruption and the artificial intelligence.
    • Digital Transformation: Disrupt yourself or you will be disrupted.
    • The finance faces the disruption.
    • Technological revolution in health.
    • Artificial intelligence and law: what role for the tomorrow’s lawyer?
    • The artificial intelligence will not save you.
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